The Jewish Monkeys are a wacky Klezmer burlesque Trio. Their story begins in the 1970's, where two of them meet in the Frankfurt Synagogue boy's choir. Three decades later, joined by a third member, they become the deliciously irreverent trio they are today, dubbed The Jewish Monkeys.

Armed with politically-incorrect lyrics and a Marx Brothers sense of nonsense, the Jewish Monkeys' pandemonium experience is one of a kind. Their music keeps pushing the envelope and their lyrics cover a range of topics: the mid-east conflict, the environment, over-eating, world-poverty, terrorism and child-molestation among others. All of these, they tackle with equal erratic blitheness, sparing no-one. While they all live in Israel their backgrounds are European. Gael Zaidner grew up in Belgium and both Dr. Boiko and Jossi Reich hail from an unlikely stock of German Jews (yes, they still exist, incredibly). Since their inception, they've been groomed by their musical father, musical-producer Ran Bagno, who turned their chaotic ideas into professional music productions. Among others they worked and performed together with Tel-Aviv guitar-bands Yahalomin (Diamonds) and BoomPam. Like all Jewish conspirators, the Jewish monkeys too are well educated, well connected and filthy rich. Jossi Reich, the founding monkey and financier is an entrepreneur and co-owner of the German label Essay-Recordings. The veterinarian Ronni Boiko is well-known among the well to do cats and dogs of his neighbourhood and Gael Zaidner is a shrink.

Despite being the movers and shakers they are, members of The Jewish Monkeys dabbled in music before. These forays include Jossi Reich's collaboration with acclaimed German Sax player Tobias Rüger and his Jazz-Band "Die Schwindler" and the soundtrack for German TV's NDR "Die Kinder von Theresienstadt' (The children of The resienstadt) by Ronni Boiko. In the late Nineties, with careers and families under way, Jossi Reich and Ronni Boiko met Gael Zaidner and were impressed by his uncanny comical genius. His theatrical slant inspired them to create their first project: a cover version to Harry Belafontes Banana-Boat-song. Their advice to the word: Make peace in the Middle East with The Jewish Monkeys, Harry Belafonte's Banana-Boat and a bit of Hava Nagila!